Our Story

The Inspiration and know-how behind MessageDesk began with Clint and Cory's Grandmother. She was a savvy business-woman who founded a housekeeping company in 1989 and it’s still going strong today. She understood how to make money and get the job done.

We now work from the perspective that if she couldn’t intuitively use and see value in an app, then it wasn’t worth using.

MessageDesk is designed to meet the needs of small business owners, like our grandmother.

The Changing Nature of Business Communication

In order to meet customer needs and stay competitive in the 21st century, business communication will go far beyond text messaging. More secure, cost effective and evolved messaging technologies like Rich Communications Services (RCS) will supplant older SMS and MMS messaging.

As these technologies develop, Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP), both subsets of AI, will be brought to bear on the robust communications datasets that accumulate.

Through advanced modeling and early adoption of trainable Machine Learning frameworks MessageDesk will be at the forefront of delivering a proprietary AI based analytics ecosystem trained to optimize business communications and enhance operations.

Here's How It's Built

We built MessageDesk on a proprietary platform designed to host custom solutions for small business clients.

A fully compiled, Vue.js client gives MessageDesk users a high-performance experience, while our Laravel API provides us with the reliability of a mature framework. Web socket technology allows MessageDesk to push real-time updates to all users anywhere on any device.

Packed with a base-set of critical features built on our own small business experience, we've positioned ourselves to scale to any of our client's needs.

Decentralized systems work well in economics, business, and tech.

The app development community is a decentralized and incredibly exciting ecosystem. It's not only the best way to identify and solve small business problems but it also gives developers a platform to revolutionize from.

This efficient and democratizing approach empowers app developers like us to help the local independent entrepreneurs who drive our economy.