SnapDesk Features

Real business text messaging tools do more than make it possible to talk with your customers.

SnapDsk Business Texting
Business Text Messaging

One-on-one, two-way business text messaging made to delight your customers

SnapDsk Business Texting
Daily Task Manager

Assign simple to-do's or create time-sensitive events and manage tasks company-wide from any device

SnapDsk Business Texting
Customer Rolodex

Organize and update customer and contact information in one place and add unlimited custom fields

SnapDsk Business Texting
Business Document Management

Access, print and manage business documents from any device

SnapDsk Business Texting
QuickBooks Online Integrations

Sync QuickBooks Online customer info and invoices real-time on any device

SnapDsk Business Texting
Invoice and Payment Reminders

Text payment reminders and send invoices directly to customers

Conversational and Collaborative Business Text Messaging

Private and Group Business Text Messaging Made to Delight Your Customers

Centralize your business text messaging through one 10-digit phone number. Work as a team and maintain oversight of all in-bound and out-bound text messages.

Create, edit and update custom text message templates for repeat and bulk text message sends. Text message templates keep communication with customers consistent.

Improve customer service and response with personalized tags that insert first and last name.

Daily Task Manager and Customer Rolodex SnapDesk
Invoice and Payment Reminders

Send QuickBooks Online Invoice Reminders via Text Message

Getting paid isn’t always easy. In a recent survey of 400 small and mid-sized businesses, Hubspot found that 49% of small and medium sized businesses have a hard time following up with customers on late payments.

Additionally, 46% of small and medium sized businesses find it difficult to get paid on time.

SnapDesk automatically syncs your open invoices if you're a QuickBooks Online user. In one click, select a customer with an open invoice and send a link to collect payment.

  • Track down late payments
  • Send payment reminders
  • Text invoices directly to customers
  • Close more open invoices
  • Get paid faster
Customer Rolodex for google contacts QuickBooks Online and Xero with real time sync
Daily Task Manager

Manage Daily Tasks, Not Sticky Notes

Texting with your customers will create notes, tasks and things to do. Getting those things done requires more than sticky notes. It's why we built a daily task manager directly into SnapDesk.

Because so many task management apps are unnecessarily bulky, we trimmed ours down. SnapDesk's built-in, simple, intuitive, easy-to-use, daily task manager gives you all the task management functionality your business needs.

  • Get a clear view of what needs doing and who's going to get it done
  • Create and assign simple todo tasks to employees and customers
  • Write reminder notes for yourself and anyone in your company
  • In-app notifications let you know when a task is complete
  • Maintain oversight and view all completed tasks at once
Daily Task Manager and Customer Rolodex SnapDesk
Customer Rolodex

All Your Customer Details In One Place

It's time to retire your old address book. SnapDesk is a better place to store all of the contact and customer notes you've accumulated over the years.

SnapDesk allows all users to add, create, edit and update customer and contact information. Sync from the field in real-time across all users and devices.

  • Manage all of your contacts alongside your customers real-time in one app
  • Search on all contact information including phone number and address
  • Organize customers and contacts with unlimited custom groups

Unlimited Customer Groups

Finally start segmenting your customers into actionable groups at the touch of a button. With SnapDesk you get unlimited customers and unlimited groups, translation: unlimited options

Unlimited Custom Fields

Unlimited custom fields give you the flexibility to add extra info to all customer profiles. More control over custom fields keeps your customer data clean, consistent and actionable.

  • Add unlimited custom fields inside of SnapDesk
  • Store any type of specialized customer information
  • Use open text fields or closed dropdowns
SnapDesk Digital Customer Rolodex
Customer and Business Document Management
Upload, Access and Print Documents from Any Device

Save time and trees with paperless document storage. With SnapDesk you can start storing your company documents and PDFs digitally. Centralize your storage and everyone at your company will know where to look for documents like estimate forms, pricing tables, and schedules.

  • Upload PDFs directly to SnapDesk
  • Access documents from any device company-wide
  • Attach documents to individual customers
  • Print all documents directly from SnapDesk
Customer Rolodex for google contacts QuickBooks Online and Xero with real time sync
QuickBooks Online Integrations

Update and Sync Your QuickBooks Online Customer Information

Small business needs robust integrations to effectively manage customers, invoices and daily operations. Since so many small businesses use QuickBooks Online, data integrations that span multiple services, systems and applications are a must.

Plenty of apps say they integrate with QuickBooks Online. SnapDesk's integrations go deeper.

QuickBooks Online Customer Data Integration and Sync

  • Sync all existing QuickBooks Online customers into SnapDesk in real-time
  • Instantly edit, create and sync customers between SnapDesk and QuickBooks Online
  • Sync your QuickBooks Online customer invoices directly to SnapDesk
  • See all open invoices for individual customers
  • Text invoice and payment reminders directly from SnapDesk

Customer Rolodex for google contacts QuickBooks Online and Xero with real time sync

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