Business Text Messaging Features

Smarter Text Messaging Tools for Keeping Connected

business text messaging

Text messaging Beats Email and Voice Calls

Customers prefer texts to email and voice calls. MessageDesk provides you with smarter text messaging tools for keeping connected and having meaningful conversations.

Schedule text messages, save templates, automate recurring message sends and more. MessageDesk’s text messaging service provides all the essential conversation tools your small business or organization needs. Start engaging with customers, clients, and contacts with scaleable text messaging.

MessageDesk Business Text Messaging Features

1-on-1 Text MessagingText personally with individual contacts
Group Text MessagingMessage groups of contacts with separate replies
Text Message BlastsSend texts blasts to groups and contact lists
Text Message SchedulingSchedule text 1-on-1 and group text messages
Text Messaging TemplatesSave time with templates for a quick response
Personalization TagsInsert personalization tags to keep things friendly
Print Text Message ConversationsPrint entire text message conversations with contacts
Call ForwardingForward calls to an existing phone landline
Opt-in and Opt-out ManagementTrack contacts who have and hoave not opted into communication

Send and Receive 1-on-1 and Group Text Messages

MessageDesk helps you manage conversations across your entire contact list. Send and receive 1-on-1 private messages with contacts or create and save a group of customers and send a text blast. All message responses return to you as a separate message, unlike normal group texts.

business text messaging
business text messaging

Send Recurring Scheduled Text Messages

Easily send recurring, scheduled text messages for appointment reminders, updates, and notifications. Click to text recurring messages and automate your contact outreach to save time and increase your SMS messaging efficiency.

Save Text Message Templates

Save time with text message templates. Quit typing the same message over and over again. Type your message once, apply personalization tags and save the message to send later. Improve your customer support experience by saving text message templates that answer frequently asked questions.

business text messaging
business text messaging

Schedule Text Messages

Scheduling text messages makes text message marketing, appointment reminders, booking and daily communications more efficient. Schedule messages to send to an individual contact or schedule a text blast to an entire group. Text customers with a scheduled invoice or payment reminder and get paid faster.

Personalize Text Messages with Tags

Tags let you personalize text messages at scale. Business feels less like businesses when you’re on a first-name basis. Tags make it easy to personalize your messages. Insert {First Name}, {Last Name}, {Company} and more into the body of your messages to personalize at scale.

business text messaging
business text messaging

Text From a Local 10-digit Phone Number

Send and receive all text messages using a text-enabled, local, 10-digit phone number, no shortcodes. No mobile phone required. Text from the mobile app or any web browser on any device, including your desktop computer or tablet.

Print Text Message Conversations

Keep a record of your conversations and print all text message exchanges between contacts, customers, and employees. Print all messages exchanged daily between all users and contacts in any date range.

business text messaging

Call Forwarding

Forward phone call to an existing phone number or dedicated landline when a customer calls your MessageDesk text messaging number. Call forwarding works great for a business or organization with an older, well-known phone number.

Track Opt-in and Opt-out

MessageDesk helps manage all of your opt-in and opt-out TCPA compliance. Contacts text STOP to opt-out of all SMS marketing messages. MessageDesk then keeps track of the opt-out and places the contact on a do not contact list. No manual action required.

business text messaging