Text Messaging Tools that get the Job Done

Easy to use tools that delight you and your contacts

tools that make it easy to schedule texts, forward calls and text groups

Customers get frustrated with business text messaging when they can't text a business back. Imagine all the missed questions, comments, feedback or sales inquiries.

We don't want you or your customers to miss out. We make it easy to send texts to customers on their iPhone or Android device. There's no need for customers to download a special messaging app to talk to your business.

business text messaging

Personalize Your Text Messages to Delight customers and offer an extraordinary experience

Delighting customer with personalized text messages changes how they feel about you and your organization.

SnapDesk gives you the texting tools you need to get on a first-name basis with your contacts. Dynamically use first name, lastname, and business name tags to keep a personal feel while sending out group messages.

Collaborative Business Text Messaging that makes your life easier

Get ahead of your calendar and schedule appointment reminders, invoice notices or company updates in advance.

Have recurring events like monthly meetings, semi-annual clearance events or weekly appointments? Don't worry, we got you covered! Use SnapDesk to schedule a message to recurr over time so you don't have to keep worrying about it.

Supercharge your customer service process and resolve issues faster

Personal text messages reduce time-to-resolution for everyone

Get email notifications when a text goes without a response so you never leave a customer hanging.

Track customer interactions with in-app notes and custom fields so your whole team stays in sync.

Conversational Business test messaging vs. text message marketing services

Opt-in and opt-out feature are important. They make customer relationships transparent. As a text messaging platform, we value transparency, privacy and consent.

We don't send impersonal 5 or 6-digit shortcode text message blasts. SnapDesk text messaging focuese on daily business operations and conversations.

Text message marketing services aren't built for 1-on-1 conversations. SnapDesk's two-way text messaging allows you to focus on customer experience. It matter most with service, reminders, scheduling, payments, billing and notifications.

Conversational Business Text Messaging Text Message Marketing Services
SMS Number10-digit personalized phone number5 or 6 Digit short code
Campaign Types Two-way, 1:1, and Group MessagesOne way message blasts
Opt-ins / Opt-Outs n/aYes
Supported By SnapDesk? YesNo

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