Quickbooks Online Integration

Sync Customer Data and Improve Your Quickbooks Online Invoicing with SnapDesk's Native Integrations

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SnapDesk’s QuickBooks Online Integrations Go Deeper

Many of apps say they integrate with QuickBooks Online. SnapDesk's integrations go deeper with real-time sync and built-in native integrations.

Many small businesses operate using QuickBooks online, but they need more robust native integrations. Manual data entry isn’t fun, so SnapDesk syncs all of your QuickBooks Online customer information in real-time.

Sync Customer Info Both Ways in Real-Time Between QuickBooks Online and SnapDesk

Syncing your customers with SnapDesk only takes one click. We take care of the rest with real-time sync between QuickBooks Online and SnapDesk. No need to import data.

Sign in to SnapDesk using your Intuit account and connect to QuickBooks Online. From there we’ll let you know once all of your customer information syncs and becomes available for use in SnapDesk.

Change customer information in SnapDesk and you’ll see it updated in real-time in QuickBooks Online. Change customer information in QuickBooks Online and you’ll see it in real-time in SnapDesk.

business text messaging
business text messaging

Sync QuickBooks Online Invoices into SnapDesk

46% of small and medium-sized businesses find it difficult to get paid on time.

SnapDesk automatically syncs open customer invoices from QuickBooks Online. Once you create an invoice you’ll see it in SnapDesk. SnapDesk syncs balance information, listed products and services, and your thank you message.

Select a customer with an open invoice in one click. Then send a link via text message to collect payment via the QuickBooks Online payment portal.

For recurring transactions and payments create a recurring invoice with a text message template and start scheduling text messages.

How to Integrate QuickBooks Online and SnapDesk

  1. Sign in to SnapDesk using your Intuit Account. business text messaging
  2. Select QuickBooks Online as your data provider. business text messaging
  3. Confirm and authorize SnapDesk to connect to your QuickBooks Online account. business text messaging
  4. SnapDesk will send you an in-app notification once your data sync is complete. business text messaging
  5. Once your sync completes, you'll see your customers in SnapDesk.

*SnapDesk is also available directly on the QuickBooks Online App Store as an Intuit approved app.