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    SnapDesk | A Group Text App Without Reply All

    Last updated August 2, 2020
    Group Text Without Reply All

    Looking for the Right Group Text App Without “Reply All”?

    Everyone loves text messaging. Text messages are now the most convenient and efficient way for people to communicate.

    In fact, 67% of people would rather text than talk.

    The only problem is that managing group text conversations can be a hassle.

    The normal group texts you start on your iPhone using iMessage or your Android device using Google Messages have some problems.

    Your native text messaging doesn't let you send group texts individually to separate contacts. Everyone gets the message regardless.

    Not only is this a problem for consumers, but it's also a problem for organizations and businesses who want to send a group text to a bunch of people.

    Luckily, there is a way to send a group text individually without reply all.

    Why Android and iPhone Group Texts Don't Work

    1. If you’re using iMessage or Google Messages for your group text messaging, there’s no way to send your group text without reply all.

    2. Everyone sees everyone else’s individual text messages in the text message group.

    3. Group texts sent from anyone's phone aren’t private.

    4. Your iPhone or Android device doesn’t have an efficient, built-in way to organize your contacts.

    5. If you're a business or organization, you can't segment customers and user groups.

    6. You can’t compose, personalize or save a text message as templates to send a single text or MMS message to one individual or a group.

    Group Texting

    How to Send A Group Text Without Reply All

    SnapDesk is a group text app without reply all built for businesses and organizations. It's different from normal group chat apps.

    With SnapDesk you can send a group text individually to groups of contacts.

    You can create groups, apply text message templates, and send messages to individual contacts.

    Each text message response comes back to you in the messages dashboard as a single, individual reply. All responses are private and separate from all of the other contacts you send the same message to.

    How to Send a Group Text Individually With SnapDesk

    It only takes three steps to send group texts individually using SnapDesk.

    • First, you need to organize your customers by creating a group.

    • Second, you create a text message template.

    • Third, you send the group message.

    Below is the step-by-step guide for creating a group, composing a text message template and sending your group text

    1. Create the Customer User Group in the “Groups” Module

    • From the SnapDesk Dashboard, select the tile called “Groups”.

    • To create a new group in the Groups Module, select the orange “+” icon at the bottom right.

    • Enter a group name and add users or persons to your new group

    • Once you’ve added everyone into the group, select “Save” to save the group for future use throughout the app.

    • You can return to the Groups Module at any time to mark a group important, add or remove users and customers or archive the group entirely

    2. Compose Your Group Text Message Template

    • Now that you have a group, you can create and save a text message template to send to that group.

    • To compose a new text message template, go to the “Messages” Module - here you’ll see all of your customer conversations.

    • From the Messages Module dashboard, select the green “+” icon and “New Group Message” to create a new group message.

    • In the new dialog box drop-down, select the group you’d like to send a text message to.


    Send Your Group Text Message

    • In the Groups Module, you’ll now see messages for that group. If you’ve sent texts to this group before, you’ll see them displayed historically.

    • To send a new message, start typing in the text box below or select the “^” options arrow to add personalization or an existing template.

    • Once you’re happy with the content of your message, select the “Send” airplane icon to preview the message you’re about to send.

    • You can save this message as a new template or update an existing on by selecting “Save/Update Template”

    • Once you’re happy, hit “SEND” to send your message to your group.

    • Watch as all group text replies come back as individual conversations.

    Next Steps

    Ready to start texting your customers? SnapDesk is here to help with smarter, simpler business text messaging for keeping connected.

    Visit our learning center for information on how to get started with SnapDesk. You’ll find a quick start guide to texting, a features overview, and an explanation of what SnapDesk is.

    You’ll also want to check out our list of free SMS text message templates. Just copy and paste and start texting.

    Finally, feel free to start a 7-day free SnapDesk trial with 50 free text messages.