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    How to Send a Text from Your Email

    Last updated April 27, 2020
    Business Call Forwarding

    Is it Possible to Send a Text Message Using Email?

    It’s easy and simple to send a short message service (SMS) to a mobile number from an email account. However, you’ll need to be aware of some guidelines before diving in.

    For businesses and organizations, the ability to use email to send a text message can lead to increases in productivity. 

    Text messages also have a great engagement rate. In fact, 98% of text messages get opened immediately. Texting not only increases engagement with your contacts and customers but it outperforms voice calls and email.

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    How to Send SMS Messages Via Email

    The process of converting emails to texts is easy. Follow these steps below and you’ll become a pro: 

    1. Log in to your desired email account on either your computer or cell phone.

    2. Enter the 10-digit phone number of the person you are trying to text in the “to” box instead of an email address. 

    3. Once the phone number is entered, you will need to type the “@” symbol.

    4. Track down the appropriate SMS or MMS gateway address to the person you are texting. See the chart below for the most popular email to SMS gateways: 

    Email to SMS Gateways

    5. Type in the message that you would like to send.

    6. Be aware of how long your message is. If the message goes over 160 characters (the general character limit for SMS text messages), it will be considered an MMS message instead of an SMS.

    7. If the message is under 160 characters, use the SMS gateway address in the chart above. If the message is over 160 characters, use the MMS gateway address above.

    8. Once you type in your message go ahead and send the email. 

    9. Once sent, the person you are contacting should receive the text message immediately.

    * Note: If your message is over 160 characters and the person you are sending to does not have a data plan that supports MMS messages, then they will either not receive the text, or they will be charged for it.

    Consider Using a Business Text Messaging App

    Using an app or software to text your customers, employees, or whoever is a great substitute for texting from email. With a dedicated text messaging platform there are fewer obstacles to texting.

    This because you don’t need to know the carrier of the person you are trying to reach. All you need is a 10-digit phone number. 

    Applications like SnapDesk allow you to send text messages directly from your desktop. This makes sending texts to contacts and customers easier.

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