Text Messaging for Medical Offices, Dental Offices and Private Practices

Send patient reminder text messages and more

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Text Messaging Works for Patient Reminders - Here's Why


Of patient text messages get read vs. 30% for email


Of patients keep notifications on for text messages


Of patients prefer texting for appointment reminders and scheduling

Text Messaging Tools For Medical Offices

SnapDesk makes it easy for medical offices to communicate with patients individually and at scale with. Many patients prefer texting when it comes to appointment reminders, follow-ups, and updates.

Instead of leaving another voicemail or wondering if your office remembered to reply to your patient, select a local 10-digit text messaging phone number, and start sending texting as a team.

Use SnapDesk for patient inquiries, appointment reminders, scheduling, invoice collection, notifications, updates and more.

Group Texting without Reply All

Keep all replies separate while texting groups of patients.

1 Group Texting without Reply All
2 Text Enabled 10-Digit Local Phone Number
3 Call Forwarding
4 Automated Appointment Reminder Text Messages
5 Print Text Message Conversations
6 Catalogue Patient Information

Text Patients From One App on Any Device

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Having oversight of patient conversations keeps everyone on the same page. SnapDesk turns your mobile phone, tablet and desktop computer into a scalable text messaging solution.

All conversations with individual patients are private. Send a group message and each patient's response creates a private text messaging channel. Respond in real-time to patient inquiries or schedule and automate text messages with the mobile app on a phone, a tablet, or even a desktop.

  • Schedule daily appointment reminders
  • Keep all text conversations private
  • Maintain a record of all text message correspondence

Group Texting Made For Medical Offices

business text messaging for field service

Save time sending group text messages without reply all. With SnapDesk you have access to unlimited groups. This allows you to sort patients based on address, appointment time and more.

Use SnapDesk to text groups of contacts without the group chat effect. Instead, SnapDesk sends texts individually to group members, making it easy to move from group texts to individual conversations.

  • Unlimited Groups
  • Unlimited Patients per Group
  • Schedule Messages to Groups
  • Automate Group Membership Based on Patient Info

Print Patient Profile Information and Download Entire Conversations

business text messaging for field service

Record Correspondence

Your medical office keeps a record of correspondence, but how do you track text messages? If you're texting patients from your personal phone there's no efficient way to save and print an entire text message conversation.

SnapDesk makes conversation tracking easy. Select a date range and save all text messages between your office and any patient as a PDF, then print text messages for your paper records.

Manage Patient Profiles

SnapDesk makes it easy for medical offices to update patient contact info on the fly. As a conversation progresses, update the profile of a patient to include updated appoinment times, prior notes and more. SnapDesk gives your team complete customization over creating and editing custom fields.

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