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Texting Works for Your Firm - Here's Why


of text messages get read vs. between 20% and 30% for email


Of consumers keep notifications on for their native text message app


Of consumers would rather text a firm for appointment reminders and scheduling

Text Messaging Tools for Organizing Conversations and Contact Lists

MessageDesk makes it easy to text clients and maintain a record of text message conversations. Many clients prefer to engage via text message, but firm representatives don't have effective ways to manage client conversations without giving away their personal phone numbers.

Instead of making yet another phone call, select a local 10-digit text messaging phone number, and start sending text messages

Use MessageDesk for client inquiries, appointment reminders, scheduling, invoice collection, notifications, updates and more

Private channel text messaging

Keep all replies separate while texting individuals or groups.

1 Private channel text messaging
2 Text Enabled 10-Digit Local Phone Number
3 Automated Appointment Reminder Text Messages
4 Schedule Payment and Invoice Reminders
5 Print Text Message Conversations
6 Call Forwarding
7 Opt-in and Opt-out

Manage Client Conversations From One App on Any Device

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Having oversight on client conversations keeps everyone on the same page. MessageDesk turns your mobile phone, tablet and desktop computer into scalable text messaging platform.

All conversations with individual clients are private. Send a group message out and each client's response creates a private text messaging channel. Respond in real-time to client inquiries or schedule and automate text messages with the mobile app on a phone, a tablet, or even a desktop.

  • Schedule daily appointment reminders
  • Keep all text conversations private
  • Maintain a record of all text message correspondence

Print Text Messages and Download Entire Conversations

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Your firm keeps a record of correspondence, but how do you track text messages? If you're texting clients from your personal phone there's no efficient way to save and print an entire text message conversation.

MessageDesk makes correspondence tracking easy. Select a date range and save all text message correspondence with any client as a PDF and print text messages for paper records.

Upload, Access and Print Documents from Any Device

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Save time and trees with paperless document storage. With MessageDesk, you can start storing client documents as PDFs. Centralize your storage, and everyone at your company will know where to look for important client-specific documents.

  • Upload specific documents to individual clients directly in their contact record
  • Access documents from any device company-wide
  • Store documents for general use in MessageDesk
  • Print all documents at any time with one click