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What is SnapDesk?

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What is SnapDesk?

SnapDesk is a conversational text messaging platform that helps you and your team communicate with contacts via text message.

SnapDesk makes it easy to send group text messages individually without reply all, personalize text messages, and schedule text message campaigns.

Text messaging has quickly become the preferred channel of messaging by consumers in the United States. To learn more about text messaging adoption read here.

What can I do with SnapDesk?

If you have a business SnapDesk makes it easy to:

As a nonprofit, you can use SnapDesk to

  • Bulk Text Volunteer Sign-Up Links: Build groups of contacts based on previous event participation and text them links for upcoming event sign-up. Powered by Smart Groups

  • Collect More Donations: Schedule messages to groups of contacts that contain links to donate. Powered by Scheduled Messages feature

  • Coordinate Events: Communicate with your event teams and send them timely updates, reminders, and notifications all via text.

Who else uses SnapDesk?

  • Medical offices

  • Community coordinators

  • Youth sports teams and leagues

  • Fitness professionals, gyms and instructors

  • Logistics and warehouse staff

  • Legal professionals

  • Accountants and CPA's

Is SnapDesk for you?

If you have questions you'd like answered, join us for an AMA (Ask me anything) webinar and evaluate if SnapDesk is right for you.

What Sets SnapDesk apart?

At SnapDesk we focus on conversational messaging and building tools that help you build better relationships. Our features extend far beyond just text messaging as most of our users utilize SnapDesk for day-to-day operations and contact management.

We also have a top-rated design that makes our system one of the easiest to use. No matter if you're a business professional, little league coach, or fitness instructor - our platform fits your needs.