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    SnapDesk Available on iOS App Store and Google Play Store

    Last updated August 2, 2019

    It’s now easier than ever to Message Customers, Send Invoice Reminders, Schedule Tasks, Sync with QuickBooks Online and Manage Custom Fields. SnapDesk is now available for iPhone on the iOS App Store and for Android on the Google Play Store.

    We design SnapDesk for users on their mobile devices first. Sending text messages to customers is easier than ever. Pull out your iPhone or Android device and you’ll find a simplified login process. Go straight to your customer list, sync with QuickBooks Online and start communicating with customers and employees immediately!

    How To Download and Install SnapDesk for iPhone:

    1. Launch the App Store from your iPhone or iOS Device

    2. Search For SnapDesk - by typing the magnifying glass on the bottom.

    3. Tap "Get" and "Install"

    4. You Can Now Launch and Login to SnapDesk

    How To Download and Install SnapDesk for Android:

    1. Launch the Google Play Store from your Android or Google device

    2. Search For SnapDesk - by typing in the search toolbar.

    3. Tap "Install"

    4. You Can Now Launch and Login to SnapDesk

    New Look: SnapDesk User Interface Gets a Massive Upgrade

    Design and user interface are critical SnapDesk components. We know that our users need easy, simple-to-use and intuitive interfaces that work, which is why we’ve introduced an all-new and improved design layout.

    Login to SnapDesk and you’ll now find a simplified user experience with an emphasis on easy navigation within modules. Specifically, we’ve introduced color-coded, module-specific tabs as a means of categorizing and organizing specific user tasks and functions. This makes navigating your customer information and executing on that information much easier.

    In addition to color-coded tabs, we’ve also introduced various types of cards. These cards are discrete units that contain tasks, documents or any other complete piece of company information.

    New Functionality: Send QuickBooks Online Invoice Reminders via SMS Text Message Using SnapDesk

    Business messaging from any device, anywhere at any time increases your efficiency, customer service capabilities and can even help you get paid. SnapDesk now compliments QuickBooks Online invoicing, allowing you to text invoice reminders to all of your QuickBooks Online customers. To complement this new functionality, we’ve created a guide to sending QuickBooks Online invoice reminders via email and text message.

    In order to survive in today’s business climate, SMS text messaging has to be at the core of your service business. Integrating text messaging into daily business operations makes it easy to create recurring revenue, collect invoices, eliminate appointment cancellations and personalize marketing campaigns.