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SMS Text Message Credits Price
Get Started500 $19.99 0.04
Essentials1,500 $49.99 0.033
Plus3,000 $89.95 0.030
Advanced7,500 $199.95 0.027
Pro25,000 $589.95 0.024

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How SnapDesk Text Messaging and SMS Credits Work

  1. Select a 10-digit, area-code specific SnapDesk phone number.

    In the setup wizard on initial login, enter your local area code and select a phone number from the dropdown list. You can change this number at any time.

  2. Add unlimited users to your company account

    Set up different levels of access and permissions for each user to guarantee they interact with the right customers.

  1. We only charge message credits for outbound SMS text messages.

    All inbound SMS text messages from customers are FREE.

  2. Easily send text messages to customers

    Streamline your SMS text messaging with unlimited custom templates and personalization tags.

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