V1.1.2 SnapDesk Release Notes

New Features

  • Groups Module
    • SnapDesk users can now create an infinite amount of customer groups
    • These groups can be sent 1-to-many text or assigned group-wide task
    • If a customer inside a group receives a group text, their subsequent response will come back in a private message channel
    • Customers will not see each others interaction with your business
  • Messages Module
    • Message Templates can now be created, saved and reused when texting customers
    • No longer re-type the same message over and over, instead just make a template for that text message!
    • SnapDesk users can now quickly manage templates from inside the message module tab titled ‘Templates’
  • Pricing Update
    • SnapDesk now offers all it’s features for a flat price of $19.99 a month.
    • Subscription price is now only determined by the amount of texts your account sends per month
    • The 5 different Subscription options can be found here

What's On the Horizon for 2020

  • Recipient Opt-Out
    • In Q1 of 2020 SnapDesk will give your customers the ability to opt-out of receiving text messages
    • Customers who have opted out will be documented in a PDF file that users can view inside the SnapDesk Documents Module
  • Scheduling
    • Starting in Q2 of 2020 SnapDesk Users will be able to schedule text messages in advance and sequence together chains of text based on customer schedules
  • CSV Date Upload
    • Starting Q2 of 2020, SnapDesk users will be able to upload their customer data from any CSV or Excel type file source
  • Google Contacts Integration
    • In late Q3 SnapDesk will launch its first in-app integration with users Google Contacts
    • Users will now be able to use SnapDesk features alongside their existing Google Contacts
  • Call Forwarding
    • In Q4 of 2020 customers who attempt to call your SnapDesk number will be forwarded to an existing company phone number of your choice