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    How to Guide | Schedule A Text Message

    Last updated May 12, 2020
    Text Scheduler App

    Can You Schedule a Text Message?

    It's a common text messaging question: "Can I schedule a text message on my phone?” The answer is yes and no.

    You can't schedule a text message on your phone without some sort of third party text scheduler application unless you're a Samsung Android user.

    For iPhone users: there are no built-in text message scheduling features for iOS.

    But you can use a third-party text messaging app (like SnapDesk) to schedule a text message from any device. This includes your phone and computer.

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    How to Schedule a Text Message (Samsung Android Smartphones)

    If you're a Samsung Galaxy or Note user, you can schedule text messages using the default Samsung SMS app. This comes pre-installed on your phone.

    Here's how to schedule a text on your Samsung Android device:

    1. Open the Samsung SMS app

    2. Draft your text message

    3. Tap the “+” button near the text field or the three dots in the top right corner of the screen

    4. The three dots will open the calendar

    5. Select the date and time

    6. Tap “Send” to schedule

    Note: The messaging apps that come standard on the Google Pixel and other Android devices don’t have this feature.

    Schedule SMS Later

    Other Ways to Schedule a Text

    If you’re a consumer using your iPhone or Android you have various third-party options. These all live on the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store respectively.

    Just search for “schedule a text message” and you'll find some options.

    Keep in mind that the user experience on these apps will most likely not be the same as using Apple iMessage or Google Messages.

    How to Schedule a Text if You're a Business or Organization

    If you’re a business or organization wanting to send messages at scheduled times, you have additional options.

    You'll find some good options if you do a Google search for “Schedule a Business Text Message”.

    What you’ll find is a host of business text messaging platforms, including SnapDesk. Each allows you to schedule SMS messages in their own way.

    Given the variety of options, the real question is how to choose the best SMS scheduler.

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    Text Scheduler App

    How to Choose the Best SMS Scheduling App for Your Business or Organization

    What you should really think about are ways to save time and increase efficiency.

    They’re important factors when selecting a text messaging solution for your business or organization.

    Bottom line, you should...

    Look for These Features in a Text Message Scheduling App

    1. Easy to use and get started with

    2. Uses a local 10-digit phone number

    3. Supports multiple users

    4. Saves text messages as templates

    5. Creates groups and lists of contacts and customers

    6. Sends to multiple recipients without reply all

    7. Schedules text messages for sending later at any time

    8. Integrates with other systems

    1. Easy to Use

    If your text messaging scheduling app isn’t easy to use then, it isn’t worth paying for.

    Look for apps with simple, clean, easy to understand interfaces.

    Just because an app gives you more options, doesn’t mean it’s better.

    It just means that it’s going to take you and your team longer to understand and use.

    2. Uses a Local 10-Digit Phone Number

    Many text messaging platforms actually give you a 5 or 6 digit shortcode to text from. These aren’t bad but they’re really meant for large-scale promotional text messaging.

    Instead, look for a messaging platform that uses 10-digit long codes (10DLC). Those platforms make it possible to send using local area codes.

    This is important. It lets the person getting the text know that the message they’re reading just came from a real person.

    Businesses and organizations that send from local 10-digit numbers almost always get better responses.

    3. Add Multiple Users

    Depending on the size of your business or organization, adding multiple users to your account will be important. If it’s just you sending messages you don’t have to worry.

    But if you have a team, think again.

    For teams and you’ll need a messaging system that supports multiple users at multiple permission levels.

    4. Text Message Templates

    Saving text messages that you send all the time is a time-saving power move. This is an advanced feature that not all platforms utilize.

    Messaging apps that do allow you to write and save a message that feels personalized are best for productivity and efficiency.

    5. Create Groups and Lists

    Organizing your customers and contacts into a list is essential. This is especially true when you want to send a text to a bunch of people.

    Good platforms allow you to create all kinds of lists based on certain customer attributes or qualities.

    An example would be: “create a group of customers who are all late on their payments.”

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    6. Send Messages to Multiple Contacts Without Reply All

    You have to think about the person on the other end of the message when you start sending texts in bulk.

    Imagine a deluge of inbound text messages to your phone and they’re all contained in a single group message.

    Not good!

    The best messaging platforms will actually archive, sort, and order all of your inbound text messages.

    This keeps individual customer conversations separate and well ordered.

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    7. Scheduled Text Message Sends

    Obviously, a text messaging scheduling app needs some sort of scheduling functionality. Be aware that scheduling messages can be vastly different between message schedulers.

    Some platforms only give you select date/time intervals to schedule from.

    You’ll need a platform that allows you to exactly set the date and time delivery of a text message.

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    8. Integrations

    Depending on your needs integrations may actually be super important. We live in an age where all of our business systems can talk to each other.

    But not all apps or platforms have native integrations that can support this.

    Some text messaging solutions use third-party services to pass data back and forth.

    Apps and platforms with native integrations typically work better in terms of functionality and data integrity.

    They’re also typically the easiest to use. If your business uses QuickBooks Online, for instance, you may want a text message scheduling app that integrates natively.

    Final Thoughts and Next Steps

    Ready to start texting your contacts and customers? SnapDesk is here to help with smarter, simpler business text messaging for keeping connected.

    Visit our learning center for information on how to get started with SnapDesk. You’ll find a quick start guide to texting, a features overview, and an explanation of what SnapDesk is.

    You’ll also want to check out our list of free SMS text message templates. Just copy and paste to start texting.

    Finally, feel free to start a 7-day free SnapDesk trial with 50 free text messages.