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    Get Paid Faster with QuickBooks Online Invoice Reminders

    Last updated September 2, 2019

    Guide to QuickBooks Online Invoice Reminders

    Getting paid isn’t easy. In a recent survey of 400 small and midsized businesses, Hubspot found that 49% of SMBs have a hard time following up on late payments and that 46% of SMBs find it difficult to get paid on time. Additionally, 27% of SMBs noted that they have a hard time creating and sending invoices, let alone sending invoice reminders.

    Bottom line: every small to medium-sized business needs an invoice collection and invoice reminder strategy for getting paid sooner. Fortunately, QuickBooks Online invoicing offers great solutions for invoicing customers and sending invoice reminders via email. But what if you could send an invoice reminder text and link customers to QuickBooks Online invoice reminders immediately?

    Email is a great, traditional tool for contacting and reminding customers. In fact, its the most widely adopted marketing and communications channel in the world, followed by SMS text messaging.

    How To Send QuickBooks Online Invoice Reminders

    1. You can send online invoice reminders in a batch or individually


    2. From the QuickBooks Online dashboard, click on sales and select "all sales"


    3. In sales transaction dashboard click "Overdue" to see all overdue payments and outstanding invoices


    4. Browse and Select the customers you want to send invoice reminders to, then click "Batch actions" and "Send reminders" to send QuickBooks Online invoice reminders in bulk


    5. QuickBooks Online will send an invoice reminder to every selected customer


    6. To Send Individual reminder from QuickBooks Online, click on "Receive Payment" and select "Send Reminder"


    7. A Message dialog will appear, allowing you to customize an invoice reminder and send to the customer


    How To Text QuickBooks Online Invoice Reminders:

    1. Click on customers in the SnapDesk Dashboard


    2. Search and select the customer you want to send a QuickBooks Online SMS text message invoice reminder to.


    3. Select the "Invoices" tab and click on the vertical elipsis to text an invoice reminder


    4. Confirm that you want to send an SMS text message invoice reminder