Team Wide Text Messaging Your Coaches and Parents Will Love 😍

Our text messaging will give leagues oversight while providing an easy way for parents and coaches to communicate via text.

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snapdesk features on mobile devices

Communicating with parents and teams doesn't need to be this tough


Text Messaging Beats Email and Voice

Parents have adopted text messages as their preferred conversation tool.

Parents love the convenience of text messages but they also need two-way conversation. We make real conversation possible.

We make it easy to...

  • Text Parents Practice and Field Updates
  • Advertise Sign-Up Dates, Fundraiser Events, Team Meetings
  • Get Notified by Parents when Kids Won't Make It To Practice
  • Manage League Wide Communication
  • Create a Consistent Way of Communicating With Parents and Athletes
  • Create a Consistent Phone Number that Parents can Text to Ask League Specific Questions

A next-gen text messaging app with features for turning parent reminders into real-time conversations.

snapdesk features on mobile devices

Communicating with parents is easier when you're on a first name basis

One of the biggest hurdles for youth sports is getting parents to volunteer and notifying past participants of next season's sign-up.

We make it easy to send personlized text to parents alerting them about upcoming volunteering opportunities, team meetings or a new seasons start date.

SnapDesk makes it possible to create group message sends where recipients don't see eachothers responses. We also centralize your communication to one place, at any point league admins or coaches can go in a see any text that the league sent out.

No longer depend on coaches to use personal phones for team specific communications.


Additional Built-in Team Management Tools

We've built other practical team management tools directly into our app. They all support our mission of making text messaging and service more conversational. To do this we keep our tools easy and intuitive.

  • Assign Coaches / Teams Task to Complete
  • Parent Rolodex
  • Invoice and Payment Reminders For League Payments
  • Parent Waiver Management
  • Group / Team Member Management


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