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Adding Team Members to Your SnapDesk Account

February 15, 2020

How to Add Team Members

To add new team members to your account you will need to be the admin of the account (Meaning you initially created the account).

Add New Users Gif

To add new team members follow the steps below (or watch the clip above)

1. Navigate to "Users" by opening the left sidebar (top left of SnapDesk)

2. Click on "Users" from the list

3. Click on the plus '+' icon in the bottom right

4. Type the team members email and select their role.

What Are Roles?

SnapDesk has 3 roles, Admin, Managers and Operators. Managers can create and delete things like contacts and groups. Operators only have 'Read' access so they can't create groups or new contacts.

All team members can send and receive text messages! User Roles are intended to restrict certain users from editing account data not from limiting them from sending messages.

To get a full break down of permissions check out this blog post.

Accepting the Invite

Setting up an account as a team member is even easier. To start, have them go to their email.

  1. Search for SnapDesk invitation (check your spam folder if you don’t immediately find it).

  2. Click “Accept Invitation.”


3. They will then get directed to SnapDesk where they will enter their name and create a password.

4. From here they are all set to start reaching out to your contacts and responding to text messages.

To learn about our multi-user features feel free to checkout our article: Text Messaging as a Team