How does Opt-In/Opt-Out Work

Business text messaging apps such as SnapDesk make it easy for businesses to stay in compliance with TCPA guidelines while texting customers. Before you start texting customers, you should be aware of the industry best practices regarding how to text customers and what a text message provider needs in order to be used by businesses.

Quick Guide

  1. Best Practices for Customer Opt-In
  2. Opt-Out Best Practices

Industry Best Practice for Customer Opt-In

  • If you and a customer have done business before than you can text them with updates regarding their purchase or specific reason for business.
  • A customer has opted-in to receiving text if they have texted or called your business. You need
  • Starting a text message conversation with your business.
  • Signing up at a point-of-sales (POS) or other text message sender at your business.
  • Saying “Yes” and opt-in via voice response (VR) technology.

Customer Opt-out Best Practices:

Customers have to have a way to opt-out of messages or communication with your business. This message is similar to the opt-in message and will state how they can choose to opt out of receiving messages from your business.

  • Contacts should be able to Opt-out of your messages at any time.
  • Opt-out via phone call, email, or text should be available.
  • A contacts opt-out request should generate one final opt-out confirmation message per campaign and notify the contact that they've successfully opted out.
  • Dont send any more messages after they opt-out confirmation.