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Learn About SnapDesk Notifications

February 8, 2020

How SnapDesk Notifications Work


SnapDesk notifies you when things come your way, so you’re never caught off-guard. Currently, there are three different ways to receive notifications from SnapDesk. In this article we will demonstrate how to set up these notifications and when you will receive each of those notifications.

Your existing notifications can be found in the upper right hand side of the SnapDesk App, just click on the 'Bell' icon to view them.

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Setting Up Notifications Through Email

Email Text Notification

Receiving SnapDesk text message notifications through your business or personal email is extremely easy.

Navigate to Notification Settings within the General SnapDesk Settings and turn on Inbound Text Message Notifications.


Notifications Within SnapDesk's Native App

SnapDesk is now available on both the iOS App Store and Androids Google Play Store.

Mobile Notification

Acquiring notifications on the mobile application is very simple and most importantly, set up automatically. Once the app is download, simply click 'Allow Push Notifications' and you're good to go!

Again, you can alter your push notification settings with device settings on both iOS and Android devices. If you'd like to change anything within SnapDesks settings, navigate to Notification Settings within the SnapDesk App.

Setting Up Notifications Within Your Internet Browser

As a SnapDesk user and a potential business owner, we know how important it is to receive notifications within your internet browser. It saves time and a lot of hassle on your part. Below we've compiled a list of how to enable notifications within some of the most popular browsers being used today.

Enable notifications within the Chrome browser here.

Click this link to learn how to enable notifications within Safari.

Firefox notifications can be managed here.

You’re now an expert on how SnapDesk’s notifications work. You’re ready to use SnapDesk and its suite of text messaging tools.

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