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How to Upload Contacts into SnapDesk

March 10, 2020

How to Bulk Upload Customers to SnapDesk

SnapDesk allows you to transfer any spreadsheet that contains your customer's contact info into SnapDesk so you can start texting them. All you need from your contacts is first name, last name and their mobile phone number. But SnapDesk can also store a plethora of other fields that you can find by downloading our data template in the app.

Quick Guide

  1. Downloading the Template

  2. Formatting your Data

  3. Uploading Your CSV

Where and How to Download Customer Template

  • Navigate to and Login or Sign-up for a free trial

  • Once on the Dashboard, click the blue circle in the top right of the screen. On the image below you would click the blue circle with 'SD' in it.

  • A dropdown menu will appear that includes "Settings", "Users", and "Signout". Click on "Settings"

  • Now you are in the app settings page. From here go ahead and click "Utilities"

  • Now you are directed to a utilities page, from here click on 'Import/Export Data'

  • Now you are in the CSV upload section of SnapDesk, to download our preformatted template simply click the white "Data Template" button.

  • A file called "template.csv" should now be downloaded to your default "downloads" folder on your desktop or laptop.

The template will look like the following. Notice how there are three fields that have been circled, these are the required fields for uploading your csv (First Name, Last Name, and Default Phone). SnapDesk has plenty more fields available including: Company information, Email, as well as Billing and shipping information.


Formatting the Template

Now that you have downloaded the CSV it is time to format it with your customer data. If you already have an excel file this should be as simple as copying and pasting your data into the template. If you only have a physical record this process will be a bit more tricky, but luckily if your customer entries are neatly written and in a structured format there are tools out there that can help you convert it into a an excel file.

Docparser is an extremely helpful tool to complete this conversion. It requires that you can the document or upload a picture of it, though this is not advised unless you have access to quality camera and steady hand. The best part is that they offer a 14-day free trial so if you miss out on scanning some documents the first time around then you still have plenty of time to convert them.

Try them out for free here

Here is an example of a filled out CSV. When yours is complete make sure that you save it as a .csv file so you can upload it successfully.


Uploading the CSV

To upload customers for the first time navigate back to the Import/Export Data tab in Utilities Settings as you did in the first section.

  1. We are now going to use the button below the template and are going to Select CSV

  2. From the files list select your CSV. After you have chosen your file you will need to enter in the admin password.


3. A dialog box will appear saying that your Csv import has started. The time to process your file will depend on the number of customers in the file, but will generally be done in a few minutes.


4. Congrats you have successfully imported a bulk customer list into SnapDesk!


5. On the Import succeful screen their are 3 available reports for you to download: Contacts updated, Contacts created, and Duplicates found. Each will generate a CSV file of the persons contained. Take for instance this report of the contacts created from this example.


You are now the expert on uploading a bulk customer list into SnapDesk. You now have a digital list that you can easily update and reference. To Learn how to send messages to these customers check out our article on how to text customers.

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