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How to Create Text Messaging Templates

February 1, 2020

How to Create a Text Message Template

Creating a text message template is one of the easiest ways to start automating text message sends to customers and clients. Text message templates work in a variety of business text messaging applications. These include texting reminders, texting customer status updates, texting links to google reviews, texting invoice reminders and more.

In this article, we explain how to create a text message template. We also show you how to edit text message templates and use them in group text message sends and larger automated text message campaigns.

How to Create a Text Message Template

  1. Click “Messages” from the dashboard once logged in to SnapDesk.


2. Inside the messages module, click on the “Templates” tab.


3. The SMS templates tab displays all of your saved text message templates.

4. To create a new text message template, click the “+” icon in the bottom right corner.


5. Once the text message template dialog appears, give your template a descriptive name.

6. After you’ve named your template, add some text to the template body.

a. Note that you can add personalization tags to any text message template.

b. Note that you may only save templates that are within the 160 character limit.

7. Click save once you’re satisfied with the content of your message.

8. This template will now appear as an option every time you type a new message to a contact.

How to Edit a Text Message Template

  1. To edit a text message template, click “Messages” and go to the Templates tab.

  2. In the templates tab, you’ll find all saved templates.

  3. Click on the template you’d like to edit to view the “Edit Message Template” dialog.

  1. Edit the template name, personalization tags, and the template body.

  2. Click save to update the template with this new content.

How to Add a Template to a Text Message Conversation

  1. You can add a text message template to any conversation when composing a text message.

  2. Before typing your text message click the “^” icon at the bottom next to, “Type message here…”


3. The “^” icon opens all available text message options including templates and personalization tags.


4. Click the “Tt” icon to search and add a template from your list of saved templates.


5. Click “Go To Preview” once you’re ready to send your text message.


6. Inside the message preview, verify who you’re sending to and the content of your message.

Note click “Save/Update Template” to update the content of your template and save it for future use.

7. Click the SEND button to send the templated text message to your contact(s).

You’re ready to start automating text messages now that you’ve learned how to create and update text message templates. For many messaging apps, templates are an advanced feature, but we offer them as standard in our suite of text messaging tools.