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How to Send a Text Message

February 10, 2020

How to Text Contacts with SnapDesk

This article walks you step-by-step through sending a text message with SnapDesk. First thing you'll need is a contact or group of contacts to message.

How to Create A New Message

  1. Click “Messages” from the dashboard once logged into SnapDesk.


2. Inside the “Private” tab click the “+” icon in the bottom right corner.


3. Two icons will appear on the bottom right corner. Click on “New Private Message” or the single person icon.


4. Once the “New Private Message” dialogue box appears, search for the user you would like to send a message to and select their name.


5. Once their name is selected their private chat will automatically open.


6. Type your message in the message box and send using the arrow icon.


7. A dialogue box will pop up showing you a preview of the message you are about to send. From here you can change the message or save it as a template. Once you are satisfied with the message click “Send.”


How to Send a Group Text Message

1. Click “Groups” from the dashboard once logged in to SnapDesk.


2. The groups module displays all of your existing customer groups.


3. To create a new group text message, click on the desired group from the list.


4. Navigate to the 'Messages' Tab of the selected group.


5. Here You will see all outbound text to this group. Recipients will think they are being texted privately, so their responses will show up as private messages. No need to worry about the 'Group Text' effect.

6. Type a new message and click 'Send' to mass send this group another message.

How to Create a Text Message Template

  1. Click “Messages” from the dashboard once logged into SnapDesk.


2. Inside the messages module, click on the “Templates” tab.


3. The SMS templates tab displays all of your saved text message templates.

a. Message templates allow you to save your most-used messages so you can easily reuse them

4. To create a new text message template, click the “+” icon in the bottom right corner.

5. Once the text message template dialog appears, give your template a descriptive name.

6. After you’ve named your template, add some text to the template body.

a. Note that you can add personalization tags to any text message template.

b. Note that you may only save templates that are within the 160 character limit.

7. Click save once you’re satisfied with the content of your message.

8. This template will now appear as an option every time you type a new message to a contact.

How to Send a Templated Text Message

  1. Click “Customers” from the dashboard once logged in to SnapDesk.


2. Inside the customer module, click on the contact you want to message.


3. From the customers profile, click the messages tab at the top.


4. Click the “^” icon to the left of the message bar.


5. Click the “Tt” icon to insert your templated text.


6. Edit or update your templated message in the message text box after it's selected.

7. Preview the message and click “Send”. here you can also mark to update the template by checking the 'Save/Update Template' box.


Now that you know how to text customers you should hop into the SnapDesk App and see for yourself the benefits of texting customers. Today, people prefer to communicate via text and often times will respond within 2 minutes of a text being sent. SnapDesk makes it easy to text individual clients, create group sends and save/reuse message templates. No longer use a personal phone and instead get your whole team involved by using

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