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How To Schedule Messages

February 19, 2020

How To Send Scheduled Text Messages

Sending personal and group text messages is a great way of communicating with your customers and staff in real time. The “Send Later" and "Send Recurring" features in SnapDesk allow you to send periodic, templated text messages to individuals as well as groups, saving tons of time while also improving customer relationships.

Scheduling Messages for Personal Sends

  1. Click “Customers” from the dashboard once logged in to SnapDesk.


2. Now you are viewing your list of contacts, to find a specific contact you can search for them in the upper left hand corner as well.


3. Click on the customer from the list that you want to send a scheduled personal message too.

4. Select the Messages tab icon at the top.


5. Write your text in the message box shown below that says "Message Text.". Once your done typing your message click the


6. Follow the steps below to schedule your message. Click 'Calendar Icon' -> select a date -> select a time of day -> click send later


You have now successfully scheduled your first message! Keep reading to learn about managing scheduled messages, updating them and cancelling them.

Managing your Scheduled Messages

1. To view scheduled messages for a specific contact click the toggle for 'Show Scheduled'


2. To view all your scheduled messages go to messages -> scheduled. here you can edit, pause, and delete scheduled messages


Now you have successfully scheduled a text message! To view all your scheduled messages navigate to the dashboard and then click messages. Once in the messages module you will see a "scheduled" tab that will show you all your upcoming or past scheduled messages.

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