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How to Create, Edit and Manage Contacts

February 2, 2020

How to Manage Contacts in SnapDesk

Being able to manage your contacts is very important to running your daily business operations. Creating, viewing, and editing your contact's profile collectively as a company is the best way to manage

How to View and Edit a Contact Profile

  1. To view a customer profile, click on any of your customers from the customer list.

  2. To edit a customer, click on the name of the customer you would like to edit or search for them in the search bar.


3. Once in the customers profile, you have the option to edit any fields by clicking on the pencil icon.

4. You can add as many custom fields to customer profiles as you like. Just navigate to settings and click on 'Customer Settings'

How to Manage a Contact Profile

  1. Click “Customers” and go to the index tab.

  2. Click on the name of the customer you would like to manage.

  3. Once in the customer’s profile you can manage them by clicking through the tabs above labeled 'Profile', 'Messages', 'Tasks', 'Invoices', 'Documents'

  4. The profile tab, shown above, will allow you to view the customers personal information.

  5. The messaging tab will allow you to view all of the customers text messages.


6. You may manage the customer's tasks by clicking on the tasks tab.


7. By clicking on the invoices tab you are able to view the customer’s invoices


8. Lastly, you can manage the customer by viewing their documents by clicking on the documents tab.


Now that you've gotten up close and personal with creating and editing customers in SnapDesk, give it a try in real app by redeeming your Free 14 Day Trial below.

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