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Managing Customer Opt Out and Compliance with Business Text Messaging

February 12, 2020

Automatic Opt-Out Customer Compliance with SnapDesk Texting

Similar to Email and Voice calling, there are strict regulations when it comes to texting your customers. SnapDesk makes it easy for users to stay in compliance as it automatically tracks if customers have voluntarily opted out. How exactly SnapDesk does this is detailed below.

How to Manage Opted Out Customers

  1. The first time you text a customer with SnapDesk, they will automatically be sent a text that lets them know the following

    a. Who is texting them (Your Business Name or the SubDomain you inputted into the app on sign-up)

    b. They can opt out of receiving text at anytime. They just have to text back 'STOP'

    c. If a customer wishes to opt back in and start receiving text again all they have to do is reply to the text with something that is not 'Stop'.

  2. When a Customer Opts-Out, SnapDesk will automatically alert you via a notification and a document

  3. In the documents module of your SnapDesk account, you will see an opt-out folder. This folder contains a summary of all your customers that have opted out and the date which they did so.

  4. SnapDesk will prevent you from texting customers who have opted out of receiving texts

  5. To reach out to a contact who has opted out, simply call or email them and let them know all they have to do is reply to your SnapDesk phone number to start receiving text again.

SnapDesk automatically manages all of your contacts and their respective compliance so you never have to worry about texting the wrong customer.

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