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July 3rd Update

July 3, 2020

Release Notes for July 3rd, 2020 Update

SnapDesk Masthead Devices

On July 3rd the SnapDesk team launched an update that included improvements to message compose styling, message notifications, invoice scheduling, emoji support. The update brought the app offline on July 3rd momentarily and we resumed full service on July 6th. Over July 4th weekend you may have experienced slow loading speeds, delayed notifications or delayed message sending as a result of these upgrades.

Below is a breakdown of the major in-app changes

Emojis and More!

v120 message compose gif

The redesigned message compose allows users to send emojis, scheduled texts easily and edit messages from the preview.

Schedule Invoice Collections


Users can now have more control over how and when they send invoices. In our new workflow users can schedule invoices messages, edit the message content in-line and schedule reminders to renew at different intervals.

Message Notifications Update


We added new message notification styling so now a visual drop down appears anytime you receive an inbound text from a contact.

Improved Search Mechanics


Now, anytime you search for a contact and get 0 results we provide a quick way to create a new contact. This functionality exists when searching on the global search bar, creating a new message or creating a new group.

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