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    7 Ways to Use Text Messaging for Customer Service

    Last updated May 3, 2020
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    7 Ways to Use Text Messaging SMS Customer Service

    More than 5 billion people send and receive text messages every day. This makes text messaging one of the most widely used and popular means of communication, especially for consumers.

    The reason for this rising popularity? Convenience and personalization. Texting enables everyone to connect in fast, personalized, and actionable ways.

    Texting works for more than consumers too. A growing number of businesses now use SMS messages. They’ve found texting to be an effective way to support and service their customers.

    This is because business customer texting apps now make it possible to take advantage of the consumer demand for texting. In fact, 67% of consumers would rather text than talk or email with a business. They want simple, personal experiences with the businesses they choose to engage with Text-based customer service helps a business meet that desire.  

    Here are 7 ways you can use text messaging and SMS marketing to upgrade your business’s customer service experience.

    1. Build Personal Connections

    Text message customer service has the potential to connect you with your audience in deeper, more personal ways. This can make it better than other forms of communication like email.

    Text messaging helps you maintain a first-name basis relationship with your customers. Texts lend themselves to one-on-one communication. The messages seem more personal and deliberate and they make customers feel special and unique. 

    When you text with your customers, you’re building rapport in a new way. This in-turn encourages customer retention. When they have an easy way to get the support and service they need, the chance that they return to do business increases.

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    2. Save You and Your Customers Time

    Email chains are a slow, clunky way to get the word out. There are often long periods of time between communication.

    Phone calls are one of the most personal, but they’re a time-consuming alternative. Plus, if not handled promptly, (leaving customers on hold) can lead to serious frustrations. If customers don’t hear back from you fast, chances are good they’ll leave a bad review or you’ll lose their business or both.

    Not only is texting faster, but it can also be more accurate too. Information gets exchanged easily over text. This leads to speedier solutions. 

    Plus, your customers can also reach out to you when it’s most convenient for them. Texting puts them in control of their own journey.

    3. Save Your Business Time

    The quicker you can find solutions to problems and engage in a two-way conversation, the better. This applies to both your customers and your business.

    Texting is fast, simple, and scalable. As a technology, it frees up your customer service agents. It can keep them from getting inundated with time-consuming phone calls. All the extra time-savings means money saved and happier customers.

    4. Automate Your Customer Service Process

    Time savings start with automation. This is huge if you’re a small business. We’re talking automated welcome texts, order notifications, appointment reminders, invoices, and more. A texting platform that helps you schedule and automate these messages means more efficiency. 

    Some mobile apps even allow you to integrate natively with third-party services like QuickBooks Online, Facebook Messenger or Slack. These integrations help to unify your customer service throughout your business or organization. 

    5. Instantly Answer Support Issues

    Business texting lets customers get in touch instantly. Questions about an order, special requests for a service, and all other types of inquiries can get handled fast.

    For customers who may not be happy with their experience, text messages can help businesses fix the issue as soon as possible. Better customer service leads to better brand perception, positive reviews, and potentially more business.

    6. Take a Proactive Approach 

    Aside from offering reactive support, a text messaging app also makes proactive responses easier. 

    Inventory alerts, limited-time promos, seasonal changes, and links to events can all get sent out via text message. This then drives interest and traffic and leads to increased sales. Sending promotional offers is just one of the many ways your business or organization can start utilizing text messaging services to boost growth.

    7. Collect Customer Feedback

    Finally, text-based customer service works well for acquiring customer feedback, especially from happy customers. Through a text, you can easily send a message with a link that asks customers to leave a review.

    Texting makes it easy to follow up with someone when they have a top-notch interaction with your business. Catching them at the right moment means they’re much more likely to be willing to post a positive Google review or Yelp review.

    Selecting the Right Customer Texting App

    The right customer texting app proves to customers that you’re willing to go the extra mile and guarantee their satisfaction. It helps inspire loyal customers, builds your brand reputation, and can lead to positive growth for your business or organization. 

    There are many things to consider when choosing the best texting app, but overall the best texting apps have these features:

    • Easy to use and get started with

    • Accessible on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices

    • Able to support adding multiple users

    • Use a local 10-digit phone number instead of a short code

    • Support sending messages over 160 characters

    • Equipped with call forwarding features

    • Capable of saving text messages as templates

    • Create groups of contact lists and customers

    • Sends texts to multiple recipients without reply all

    • Schedules text messages for sending later at any time

    • Manages opt-in, opt-out and consent

    • Integrates with other apps

    • Provides good customer service and support

    Final Thoughts on Text Customer Service

    Overall, a strong customer support system is essential. Improving your customer care and satisfaction keeps your customers happy and promotes the longevity of your business.

    Perfect for one-on-one communication, text-based customer service offers a personal experience that puts your customer happiness first and foremost. It also leads to time-savings, efficiency, and money-saving benefits to your business.

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