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    How Your Business or Organization Can Utilize Text Messaging

    Last updated March 26, 2020

    The Basics

    Text messaging is one of the easiest ways to reach contacts, customers and team members. On average, 98% of text messages get opened within 1 minute of being received. By comparison, emails only get opened 30% of the time and no one seems to answer phone calls these days.

    In this article we walk you through how businesses and organizations use MessageDesk text messaging to improve communications.

    Quick Links

    1. The Benefits of Business Text Messaging

    2. The Top Reasons Consumers Text a Business or Organization

    3. The Best ways for an Organization to Start Texting

    Industries That Use MessageDesk

    MessageDesk makes it easy for organizations to reach more people more effectively. Here are just a few examples of industries that utilize SnapDesk.

    Small Business

    Business is never usual when you're running a small business. It's always important to have reliable ways of connecting with contacts and customers. MessageDesk makes it easy to share special offers, ask for feedback or collect online reviews.

    Text messaging makes it easier to connect, build customer relationships and earn repeat business. These types of relationships not only help build your brand and create awareness, they also propel your business to new heights.


    Collecting Online Reviews via Text


    Managing Customer opt-out


    Field Service Professionals

    What's field service you ask? Any business that services customers by visiting them in the “field” at their home.

    Field service businesses use MessageDesk to schedule appointment reminder texts, send follow up texts for google reviews and manage invoice collection reminders. Text messaging makes it easier for field service businesses to operate on-the-go from their vehicles.

    You shouldn't have to be at a desk or at a computer in order to communicate with your customers. You can reach your customers from any smart device with a common web browser using MessageDesk. There’s no need to download anything to text back-and-forth with your customers.

    Scheduling Reminder Texts


    Texting Online Review Links


    Collecting Invoices



    Nonprofits utilize text messaging to reach more potential volunteers, spread awareness about upcoming events and collect donations and sign-ups. Text messaging complements existing outreach strategies like emailing or making phone calls.

    Most people prefer text messaging. Studies indicate that 3x as many people interact with text messages as opposed to email. This makes text messaging a great resource for nonprofits who need a reliable way to reach their audience.

    Mass Text Event Updates or Sign-up links


    Collect Donations Via Text Message


    Annual/Semi-Annual Updates or Reminder



    MessageDesk includes many features for law firms.

    With MessageDesk, it's easy to track total time spent texting a client. We provide law-firms with a one-click solution that allows firm representatives to document their entire text history with any client. MessageDesk also allows for in-app document storage. You can attach PDFs to specific contacts and share them with your office from one central location.

    Export Conversations to PDF for Documentation


    Store Client Specific Documents


    Schedule Appointment Reminders


    MessageDesk for Accounting Professionals

    MessageDesk makes it easy for accounting professionals to manage conversations with clients. Sync all contacts and invoice information directly from an existing QuickBooks Online account and start sending billing reminders via SMS messages.

    Accounting professionals also benefit from the following MessageDesk features:

    • Oversee all client interaction from one place

    • Sync all contact information with QuickBooks Online

    • Manage client documents from a centralized location

    • Send out tax reminders

    Gyms and Fitness Clubs

    Stay in touch with your members via text messaging. Send out scheduled updates, special offers, or virtual class links at the touch of a button. It's always important to have reliable ways to reach your audience no matter where they are.

    Spread Awareness About Special Events


    Text Virtual Class Links


    Send Scheduled Updates


    Schools and Universities

    Reliable text messaging makes it possible to stay in touch with students and faculty. Send out class-specific updates, virtual classroom links, or school-wide updates at the touch of a button.

    • Spread Awareness About Special Events

    • Text Virtual Class Links

    • Receive Inbound Questions From Parents

    • Communicate With Faculty and Staff More Effectively

    Medical Field Professionals

    Need a more effective way to communicate with patients? MessageDesk makes it easy to reach groups or individuals with important and time-sensitive information. We work with medical professionals after signing a confidentiality agreement to make sure you and your patients' information stays confidential.

    • Send Text Alerts to Medical Teams

    • Text Appointment Reminders to Patients

    • Send Community Health Updates'

    Power of Texting

    2-out-of-3 people are already texting with an organization. Texting makes day-to-day business feel less like business. Talking with your contacts should be easy and intuitive - just like texting anyone else. It's why MessageDesk is such an easy tool for anyone to use.

    Top reasons consumers text with a business

    Here are the top reasons why consumers text back and forth with businesses. Text messaging is how consumers want to communicate with your organization.

    • Learn about coupons or deals (77%)

    • Personal alerts (50%)

    • Being in the loop (48%)

    • More meaningful content (33%)

    • No need to visit a physical location/website/app for information (31%)

    Best Ways to Incorporate Text Messaging into Your Organization

    1. Appointment Reminders

    Every organization operates on some sort of a schedule so it's frustrating when team members or clients no-show to these scheduled meetings. Schedule out reminders for everyone attending a meeting and you’ll never have to worry about no-shows.

    2. Collecting Invoices

    A large majority of businesses try to collect payments via emails. But only 1 out of 3 emails ever get opened. You’ll save time and money by texting out invoice payment links or billing reminders directly to your customers. It's hard to scale a business when you're still trying to collect payments from months ago - it's time to get caught up. And text messaging will help your organization achieve this.

    3. Fundraising Event Promotions

    If your organization is planning an event for the community or trying to support an important cause, text messaging will get the community involved. Keep your volunteers or donors on the same page by sending out event updates or reminders.

    Text messages are also a powerful way to share donation links or sign-up links across your audience. With 98% of text messages getting opened, you can almost guarantee that your message gets seen.

    4. Customer Service

    Text messaging is a great way to service your customers on a first name basis. Consumers hate having to call in or email back and forth with a business. Being able to text back and forth with your audience is a great way to earn repeat customers and build good rapport with them.

    5. Audience Surveys

    Text messaging is a great way to survey your audience and to ask about their opinions about your services. Collecting surveys via SMS messages is an excellent strategy considering 74% of texts get a response. How many times have you tried collecting a survey only to get subpar response rates?

    6. Marketing

    Struggling to advertise new releases or notify past customers of new specials?

    Text messaging is a great way to advertise new products or offers to your new and existing audience. Simply create a text message that contains a link to a webpage or demo video and send it out via a group text. This will get your latest releases some early traction and possibly let you receive some consumer feedback without having to spend anything on advertising.