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    How to Add and Create QuickBooks Online Custom Fields

    Last updated February 6, 2019

    How to Add and Create QuickBooks Online Custom Fields for Customers, Sales Forms and Invoices.

    Does QuickBooks Online allow you to add custom fields? Yes, but your options are somewhat limited. QuickBooks Online custom fields only allow users two fields in the “Customers” module and three custom fields in the Sales and Invoicing modules.

    For some users, this may be enough, but many businesses have specialty info that simply won’t fit in the space of three custom fields or they need more than three to get the job done.

    For desktop users, QuickBooks custom fields are far more robust with plenty of options, but QuickBooks Online users require a third-party plugin or an app like SnapDesk to store more than 3 custom fields.

    Read on and learn how to add, create and edit QuickBooks Online customer custom fields, custom fields in sales forms and custom invoice fields.

    How to Add Custom Fields to a Customer in QuickBooks Online:

    1. To Add custom fields to a customer, go to the Sales tab in QuickBooks Online


    2. Select Customers at the top and nevigate to the customer you want to add a custom field to


    3. Use the edit button in the upper right hand corner


    4. Edit the other fields or notes tab. These are not labeled as custom fields but they function in the same way

    How to Use QuickBooks Online Custom Fields in Sales Forms

    The QuickBooks Online Customer Information Card affords you two custom fields to add additional information, but the Sales Forms section allows you to use three custom fields. If you’re used to using a dedicated CRM or any other client management software, you’ll find that the options for editing QuickBooks Online custom fields seem rather limited. This doesn’t mean that you can’t still store customer data and accomplish some of your goals.

    1. Navigate to the Gear Icon at the top of your QuickBooks Online Dashboard, then select Account and Settings (or Company Settings).


    2. Choose Sales and click the edit (pencil) icon in the Sales Form Content section.


    3. Enter a “Name” into each box beneath the title “Custom Fields” and select whether you want the field to be internal or public. Finally, click “Save” and “Done.”


    How to Add QuickBooks Online Custom Invoice Fields

    To add a custom field to a QuickBooks Online invoice is easy, but keep in mind that QuickBooks Online only allows you three custom fields. Also keep in mind that once you add a custom field, it will also appear as a field on all of your sales forms too.

    1. From the QuickBooks Online Dashboard go to Sales and select “All Sales”. 2. In the upper right-hand corner click “New transaction” and select “Invoice” to create a new QuickBooks Online invoice. 3. Once inside the blank invoice, click the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner. This will open invoice customization options. 4. With invoice settings open you can now add custom invoice fields by clicking “+ Add your own field”. You now have three blank custom invoice fields to add any text to. Close invoice settings to save your custom fields. 5. With your invoice custom fields saved, they will now reflect on all of your sales forms and other invoices.

    How to use SnapDesk Custom Fields with QuickBooks Online Custom Fields

    As a Small business, you probably have a lot of specialized customer information that needs storing. SnapDesk gives you the capability to create unlimited custom fields and define fields not included in QuickBooks Online.

    Use SnapDesk to store additional customer information ALONGSIDE your existing QuickBooks Online customer data. SnapDesk also syncs all of your QuickBooks Online customer information. This means that all information associated with a customer remains consistent across QuickBooks Online and SnapDesk.

    How to use SnapDesk Custom Fields:

    1. To Set Up Custom Fields in SnapDesk Navigate from the Dashboard to the Settings Menu by clicking the icon in the upper right-hand corner.


    2. In the dropdown select “Settings”.


    3. In the Settings menu, select “Customer Settings”.


    4. Inside of Customer Settings, you’ll find all active SnapDesk Custom Fields. To add a new custom field click the pencil “edit” icon in the lower right-hand corner.


    5. Type in the box to create a “Field Name” and select your “Field Type” as either text or select.


    6. Finally, click “Save Changes” or click the “Save Icon” to save your new SnapDesk Custom Field.


    7. Navigate back to the custom fields dashboard and you will now see your new custom field.