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    What Happens If You Text A Landline?

    Last updated May 23, 2020
    Business Call Forwarding

    People Could Be Trying to Text You, But You’d Never Know It.

    If you don’t have the right text messaging and landline telephone systems in place, then nothing happens when someone texts your existing landline.

    All of these messages just disappear. They go straight into a virtual black hole. Undelivered. Unread. Unanswered.

    How big of an issue is this? Well, 58% of people try to text back after missing a call ESPECIALLY from a business. No lie, this text messaging statistic is true.

    If you’re a business this means you're missing out on sales and potentially frustrating 3 out of your 4 customers. All just because people can’t text you back after missing a call. But...

    Many Wireless and Landline Carriers Do Support Landline Text Messaging

    Here’s what happens if you send a text to a landline:

    1. Someone sends a text message from their cell phone using a mobile number. 

    2. The message rings the landline recipient’s phone.

    3. Then the text message gets “read” aloud as a voice message.

    4. Emojis and phrases like LOL get read out as “happy face” and “Laughing Out Loud”

    It’s a cool feature, and kinda weird at the same time. But what if you don’t have a text-enabled landline service?

    Here’s Why You Need a Text Messaging Service That Supports Text-Enabled Landlines

    If you’re not already texting with your customers, then you’re missing out on a huge opportunity.

    Text message marketing is literally one of the top four most adopted mobile marketing tactics to date. 

    Why? Because texts get read! Plus, 90% of customers would rather text than chat on the phone with your business.

    Need further proof? Texts have a 98% open rate. Email and voice calls just don’t have the same level of engagement as texting. 

    Ultimately, texting is what allows your customers to communicate with your business or organization in the way they want.

    Now. combining text to landline message features with call forwarding, email, and chat functionality, is not only possible but in most cases simple and affordable too.

    What’s the best part? In most circumstances, you won’t even need to change your existing phone number, voice carrier to start getting text messages.

    What to Look For in A Text Enabled Landline Service

    Many businesses have had exclusive rights to their phone number for years. You see them everywhere too. 

    They’re on windows, truck decals, billboards, and all kinds of other advertising.

    If you’re an older, established business, organization, or service in your community, chances are good everyone knows your number. 

    To change your existing number would be a step backward, especially since you don’t want to give up on years of brand equity and recognition.

    So here’s the most important thing to look for:

    You Need a Text Messaging Service That Let’s You Keep Your Existing Landline Phone Number

    With most services, enabling your existing phone number is a simple process. 

    There’s no software or hardware to install, and no need to change your voice carrier to enable this service. 

    What happens is your text to landline provider will work your carrier and “port” your number into their systems.

    The result is to keep your number and retain your brand equity.

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    Which Telecom Providers Support Text to Landline?

    Carrier Text to Landline Support
    Verizon Yes
    AT&T Yes
    Sprint Yes
    T-Mobile Yes

    How Do Landline Text Services Work?

    We mentioned already how your text message provider will port over your existing phone number into their system. 

    The second part in how a text to landline system works is how it displays the text message to you.

    Depending on the text message service, you can send the message to an associated email address or route it through the provider’s application messaging/chat interface.

    You then compose all responses, in the interface and the text messages get routed back out via the SMS network.

    What About Call Forwarding?

    This is another option that some text messaging platforms offer.

    With call forwarding, when someone calls one of your text-enabled 10-digit phone numbers, the call gets routed to a number of your choosing. 

    This works great for businesses and organizations that prefer having separate numbers just for texting customers and contacts.

    In these cases, they only want to send and receive text messages from this number, but they want all of their calls going to another number tied to an answering machine or someone on the other end.

    Regardless of the service you use, having a solution in place for when your customers text your business number is essential.

    These solutions are simple. There’s no reason why you should be missing out on messages from your customers.

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    Additional Business Benefits of Text-Enabled Landlines

    Text-enabled landlines work well for many businesses and organizations. They also lead to the following benefits:

    1. Increase Customer Satisfaction

    A text to landline service can help you cater to all your customers and improve their experience with your business.

    Customers will find it easier to get in contact with you using their most preferred communication method. 

    Plus, they’ll also get their questions answered. No more frustrations from missed replies!

    2. Save Time

    For each text-enabled landline number, you can easily respond to commonly asked questions like business hours, etc. 

    Some text messaging providers also enable self-service with auto-responders and templates so that customers get instant answers to questions. This saves everyone time. 

    3. Increase Business Revenue

    By being more readily available to your customers, you increase the reach and engagement level of your business. 

    You’ll lose far fewer messages by keeping your landline from becoming a virtual black hole. 

    Plus, your reliable and quick responses will improve customer loyalty and retention which in turn helps you rake in more revenue and garner more referrals.

    4. Centralized Text Messaging

    With call forwarding and texting services, businesses can centralize their messaging to keep it on-point and consistent. 

    You’ll be able to easily stay on top of customer messages and requests. 

    Your clients will know how to reliably get in touch with you and you won’t even have to change your well-known existing number!